This is our starter for 10 documentation site. It uses Hugo and the Learn theme.

Documentation Summary

    Cloning editing and re-using this site and its templates

    Chapter 1 Cloning editing and re-using this site and its templates Clone this site to build a documentation website for your own services using Hugo and hugo-theme-learn. Or contribute to this site by submitting content either directly if you are already a collaborator or by forking and submitting a pull request. Feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests.

    Editing files

    General working If you have a user account already permitted access to push to this particular repository there is very little to do other than to check out this repo and edit and push new content. The process of re-rendering the site is handled in a pipeline triggered by new content being pushed. If you do not have collaborator access and want to carry this out for yourself in your own environment, see this article for how that can be simply achieved using hugo

    Cloning this site and regenerating locally on your own machine

    Prerequisites to download the site and push it back to the same or other repositories you need Git. If you dont already have Git, it can be downloaded from to rebuild or preiview the site you need hugo in your path. It is a single executable with no installer, just copy the binary somewhere like (for windows) ‘c:\program files<some directory of your choice> and add it to your system path in System Properties - Environment_variables if it is not already or (for Linux / Mac) /usr/local/bin.


    The following steps are here to help you initialize your new website. If you don’t know Hugo at all, we strongly suggest you learn more about it by following this great documentation for beginners. Create your project Hugo provides a new command to create a new website. hugo new site <new_project> Install the theme Install the Hugo-theme-learn theme by following this documentation This theme’s repository is: Alternatively, you can download the theme as .

    Publishing a Hugo Site to Github Io

    Setting up your Github account To publish to for free, you need to have a current public Github account. Mine is already created under the username of marshyon so this is the name I used to publish this site under. A account is available to all Github account users with their username as subdomain to, for example: so you will, when activated have access to your content from a similar url but with your username in place of marshyon of course.


    Chapter 2 Collected Articles Articles on a variety of things, mostly technical, some comentary but centering on the current state of IT, Systems Administraton, Cloud, Developement and DevOps


    Chapter X DevOps A variety of articles releated to Devops

Contribute to this documentation

Feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests.